Wacky Rigging Has Never Been Easier

If you’re tired of your wacky rig worms constantly falling off and having to re-rig repeatedly, we’ve got a exciting solution for you, no o-rings necessary.  By using the Leatherbaits Worm & Leechworm for your wacky rigs, you’ll spend more time fishing, and less time re-rigging.  With the durability of Leatherbaits, if you get a bite and lose the fish, you won’t have to worry whether your rig is still intact.  In addition, you’ll still reap all of the other benefits including lifelike texture and action, plus it’s superior ability to hold fish attractant.

To rig your worms, twist the hook as you penetrate the leather.  You can also use a leather punch or pin to make a starter hole.  Just be sure not to make the hole too large.  You want to ensure you hear a popping sound as the worm goes over the barb.

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